Ripped-off at Anguib Beach

Just after the Holy Week, my family went to Anguib, Sta. Ana to unwind. I hate crowded places, hence, the Monday after the long weekend is the best time to go.

The last time I went to Anguib was 2 years ago. Back them, entrance fee was merely 100php/pax, no corkage fee and the cottages are around 500php to 1,000php. But lo and behold, for this year, the entrance fee is 200php/pax, 30php corkage fee per pax except for children. That is, if you rent something from the resort, otherwise, entrance fee is 400php. And the cottage? 3500php (smallest nipa hut) and it does not have tables and chairs. There’s a separate charge for the table (600php) and chairs (400php for 6). Since there were very few people in the resort, we just rented tables and chairs, placed all our food and cooking paraphernalia in the are designated for cooking (which has tables and chairs too).

Apparently, the resort we went to is just one of the resorts in the area. We ended up there because it is in the main entrance. I am not aware that there’s a nearby resort. I just learned about it when I was walking along the shores and someone interrupted to tell me that I am already in a different resort and the entrance fee to theirs is 100php. It’s only less than 100 meters from the resort we went to. I did not ask the guy to elaborate on the prices of the cottages because I got pissed even more.

So anyway, this trip was primarily intended for our workers who didn’t get a break during the Holy Week because that is our busiest season. We just cooked, ate, swam, slept and drank in the resort. Good thing most cottages are vacant, hence, we occupied some of them for shelter (apparently, there’s no additional charges for using cottages as long as they are vacant).

Despite the hassle, the beauty of the place is still amazing. I am not a beach person but I love the sound of the waves. It makes me calm, makes me want to go to sleep, makes me forget about this rather imperfect world.

The highlight of this trip though, was that I drove for 4 hours straight.

We brought 2 cars and 1 big delivery truck. The Vios was driven by my brother, the Sonic by our driver and the delivery truck by one of our drivers who do not have a license.

Once we got to Anguib, we thought there might be a check point so we switched drivers. The delivery truck was driven by our driver who initially drove the Sonic, my car. There was no one else with a driver’s license except me so I agreed to drive mine.

Man, there were a lot of sharp and steep curves and cliffs. My tito who sat in front was so worried because I was quite fast. But I tried to stay calm so that they won’t panic and because my youngest brother is with me in the car (We once went somewhere bumpy and I protected his head with my bag that could serve as cushion if something bad happens). After 9kms, we arived safely.

When it was time to go home, one of our drivers is drunk. So I’ve got no choice but to drive again. And this time, not just the 9kms stretch, but from Anguib to our house which is approximately 150kms. And it was one hell of a ride for me. I enjoyed every minute of it. My dad sat beside me and he gave in to my every whims: opening the bottle of water, changing the music and paying for gas. Haha

Like they say, you won’t know that you are capable of something unless you try it. Definitely. That’s why I’m already planning the next roadtrip, with me as the driver of course.


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