(Lame Version of) Adulting 101

Ever since I got a car, I never, for once, brought it to the casa or any service center. For almost a year, I had a driver who checked its maintenance. After he left, I relied on my part time driver, my boss’ driver or relatives for its maintenance. I just didn’t had the patience to wait at service centers, not to mention that I hate driving in major roads where most service centers are located.

But like people, material things need the classic TLC. So last Holy Week, I tried hard to learn the basics, brought it myself to a service center for some check-up. Then when I got back in QC, I had it cleaned. And it’s the first time that I had its engine washed, 1st in 2.5 years. Something went wrong with spark plug so I asked the owner of the carwash to check it. And today, instead of waiting for my cousin to bring it to the service center for change oil and tune up as I have initially planned, I did it.

I know this is like a lame version of adulting. But for someone who had always relied from others in maintaining her car, this is huge for me. Somehow, it’s me taking responsibility of something. I guess when we don’t have anyone, we don’t have a choice but to be brave and rely on ourselves. I just wished I had done this sooner.

Next mission: Drive in EDSA or C5 🙂


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