Ripped-off at Anguib Beach

Just after the Holy Week, my family went to Anguib, Sta. Ana to unwind. I hate crowded places, hence, the Monday after the long weekend is the best time to go. The last time I went to Anguib was 2 years ago. Back them, entrance fee was merely 100php/pax, no corkage fee and the cottages … Continue reading Ripped-off at Anguib Beach


(Lame Version of) Adulting 101

Ever since I got a car, I never, for once, brought it to the casa or any service center. For almost a year, I had a driver who checked its maintenance. After he left, I relied on my part time driver, my boss’ driver or relatives for its maintenance. I just didn’t had the patience … Continue reading (Lame Version of) Adulting 101