Four  years ago, our office went on a 4-day Northern Luzon tour. I knew I have pictures saved somewhere. But since I was nourishing a second heartbreak, I didn’t post any picture in facebook. Instead, I shared some of my realizations which in summary is about selflove.

Posting this in my blog now as a reminder to myself that “Hey, you’ve come long way”.

1. If a person doesn’t want you in their life, they will always find a way to push you away. And the worst part is they will put the blame on you.

2. You can’t please everybody. Not even the person whom you’re willing to give the world to.

3. Hindi mo sila pwedeng sumbatan,lalo nakapag ikaw ang nagvolunteer.

4. Kapag masyado ng masakit, bumitaw na. Lalo na kapag wala ka ng ibang option.

5. Tama na ipaglaban mo kung alin ang tama. Para balang araw, hindi mo tatanungin ang sarili mo na “paano kaya kung hindi ka agad bumitaw”. Walang what ifs, walang panghihinayang. Pero kailangan alam mo kung kelan ka dapat sumuko.

6. Hindi lahat ng tao, deserve ang second chance.

7. Mas madalas, tama ang dinidikta ng utak. Sa una masakit, pero mawawala din yan. Ika nga nila, time heals all wounds.

8. Being nice and all is not a guarantee that they will stay.

9. Kahit napakaganda ng baraha mo, kung hindi ka marunong maglaro, you’ll end up as the losing party.

10. Don’t allow yourself to be just an option. You are much better than that.

11. Ang “it’s not you, it’s me”,”I need space”, at “aayusin ko muna ang sarili ko” ay hindi totoo. Kadalasan, dahilan iyan ng mga taong duwag.

12. Love yourself more than anyone else.

13. It’s never too late to start again.

14. Kapag sinabi ng iba na “you deserve someone better”, maniwala ka.

15. Learn from your mistakes.

16. Eventually, everybody will have a happy ending. But it doesn’t mean that it is with someone else.

17. Everything happens for a reason.

18. There’s more to life than love


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