Coffee Project: Life Begins After Coffee

Nowadays, a lot of coffee shops are sprawling like weeds. But sad to say, some are merely instagrammable. Indeed, atmosphere and interiors are not always synonymous to great taste. On some occassion, friends would ask me if a ceratin restaurant or coffee shop is ok. And if I don’t want to disappoint them but I don’t want to have their hopes too high either to the point of spoiling them, I just say that the atmosphere is superb, or that it is very instagrammable. 

And Coffee Project (Tomas Morato branch) is one of these instagrammable-and-good-atmosphere coffee shops. 

I’ve been here twice already but I’ve never reached the elevated area where there are a lot of flowers. The “reserved” signs were all over the tables the first time and there was an ongoing shooting the second time. I just ended up sitting near the cashier area. 

As you can see, I do not have photos of the food. It is far from being delicious. The first time I went there, I tried their cakes and pasta. I love pasta with strong taste. Hence, I eat anything with basil. But the pasta here tasted  bland despite the basil and the noodles were overcooked. As for the cakes, they were too sweet and too soft, very much like “bakery cakes”. During my second visit, I tried their Continental Breakfast.  It had scrambled eggs, bacon, bread, waffle and according to them, sausage. I loved the bacon but the rest, I did  not enjoy, especially the sausage which tasted more like your regular hotdog.

And the coffee? I ordered Hot Mocha. And for me all  Hot Mocha tastes good. Haha.

The staff are not very friendly as well. You know the feeling like you are not welcome? That’s how I felt. It seems like they look at you from head to toe and they have a certain “hangin”. 

But plus points for the outlet in every table and unlimitted wifi. But I noticed that they don’t feel good about giving away the password. 

The password was printed together with the receipt. I tried it several times in my laptop and cellphone but I can’t connect. I asked the staff at the counter. One guy told me that the password is not working and he gave me the correct one when I asked for it. A few minutes after, one customer asked for the password and this time, with the lady staff. I overheard her answering that it is not working but did not bother giving the correct one. Like WTH. In the first place, you should not have given the printed password if it is  not working. Hmmm

Anyway, the interiors of this coffee shop makes up for its crappy food and poor quality of service. 

I hope you enjoy the photos and the quotes. 

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