Where do you get your caffein-fix?

So my blog says “The Coffee Lover Diaries” but I haven’t posted anything coffee-related yet. 

As a start, here’s a quick rundown and review of the coffee shops that I frequent. Surprise! All are located within Araneta Center Cubao,which is a few blocks from my place. Haha

1. Seattle’s Best Coffee. This is where I am currently writing this blog. It is my favorite. It’s not that spacious but it does not look cramped. There was never an instance when I was not able to get a sear. But I loved it more when people are not yet aware that there is an SBC in Araneta Center. At this very moment, there is a group of friends who are talking and laughing loudly, the scene I’m avoiding from the coffee shop accross Shopwise which is…

2. Starbucks. Who do not know Starbucks? Who have not tried Starbucks? Even my parents who hail from the province and hate anything that is expensive is aware of its existence and wanted to try it. 

Before SBC, Starbucks in Araneta Coliseum was my go-to place especially when I tried to finish papers/assignment for my graduate class. There were days when I stayed there for almost 10 hours (I ordered 3 kinds of drinks).      Sometimes I stay until 1 to 2 am. And my accomplishments? Nada. How can I finish a paper when all around me are group of friends who talk/laugh loudy? (Okay, I think I need my own coffee shop, exclusively for me).

I stopped going to that branch when SBC opened accross it. Good thing I discovered Alimall branch which is relatively quiet compared to the Araneta Coliseum Branch. Plus, they opened another branch accrosd SM Cubao, same building with Anytime Fitness. This branch is also spacious (2 floors!) and I’m loving it. 

3. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The food selection is great compared to other coffee shops which only sell breads and patries and occasional salad and pasta. But I think the drinks here are too sweet that I always think I gain a few pounds after a cup of coffee.  
4. Cab Cafe. Why did I try this? I thought it is owned by Ben Cab. Yes, the museum. Haha. Anyway, I first tried it with friends. I ordered my usual hot mocha while my friends got the one with Baileys. They also have a wide selection of non-beverage items. We tried their chocolate cake which is very delicious but too sweet for me (well, it’s chocolate so what should I expect). 

Cab Cafe is located within Manhattan Parkway (or is it Parkview?), where there is a self-service laundry establishment. I spend an hour here while waiting for my clothes from the drier. Haha. 

I could have been here regularly  because it’s the one nearest my place. But it closes  very early (9pm). 

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