It’s 30 more minutes before I get-off from work, but my mind is already somewhere – doing some errands over the weekend, cleaning our family house this coming 4-day vacation, trying to drive along EDSA, and food-tripping in Baguio.

That’s how excited I am for weekends and holidays. I love my work, but there are days when I just want to resign. I want to do a lot of non-work related activities. During weekends, I can think of almost a hundred things to do. From travel, to photowalk, to household chores, to making a business concept, to reading a book, finishing the series I am currently addicted to, etc etc.Yes, for two (2) days.

Since my weekend are very limited, I just end up ticking-off 10 to 20 items from my to-do list. And every time I look at the unaccomplished items, I always get depressed, and start imagining how my life would be if I don’t have a regular 8-hour job.

Actually, I am pretty sure I can survive without my work. With my meager salary, I was able to find ways to sustain my lifestyle. I have a shop and I do online selling. Believe me, the income is way above my salary. And the satisfaction? I never get tired even though I do all the restocking, delivery and inventory. So yes, I am definitely sure I won’t die of hunger.

But what’s stopping me from resigning? This may sound to millennial-ish, but it is society’s expectations.

I grew up in the province, but I went to college here in Metro Manila and eventually ended up, or rather, chose to work here in Metro Manila. I graduated with honors from a very prestigious university and eventually got employed in a permanent position in the government. It is an understatement to say that my folks, and perhaps everyone who saw me grow up, are very proud of me. So imagine their reaction if I give up my work and just start bumming around. For most people, specially in places where opportunities are scarce, security of tenure in one’s work is a blessing that you must not and never take for granted.

So I guess I’m stuck with my job, until I get the courage to leave and venture on the things that I really love.

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