Four  years ago, our office went on a 4-day Northern Luzon tour. I knew I have pictures saved somewhere. But since I was nourishing a second heartbreak, I didn’t post any picture in facebook. Instead, I shared some of my realizations which in summary is about selflove. Posting this in my blog now as a … Continue reading Self-love


The best revenge is to not see them miserable. It is when they see us at our happiest without them. It is when it hit them that they have let go of the greatest thing that could have happened in their lifetime.

One more chance

Sometimes, if we're lucky, we do get our second chance. But sometimes, it is for us to realize that we can't have a third chance, or that there  should not have been a second chance in the first place.


Genuine happiness… It’s when you stop trying to look happy just to prove to others that you are indeed happy It’s when you don’t feel guilty of being happy, It’s when you stop considering what they will think if they see you being happy, It’s when you learn to be accept the things that didn’t … Continue reading Happiness..